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Protect Your Home or Business From Termites

Few insects can inspire the sheer fear that termites can. These wood-munching termites thrive on the beams holding up your home and can cause thousands of dollars in damage. However, when you have a qualified team of exterminators on your side, we can help you get rid of these insects before they cause severe damage. 

We work with families and business owners in Lee County, including Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, and beyond. Contact us today for an inspection. 

What Our Termite Services Include

At Florida Solutions Pest Control, we have more than 15 years of experience protecting homeowners from these wood-dwelling terrorists. Learn more about all our termite treatment services. 

Termite Inspections

Are you buying a home or business, or have you noticed signs of termite damage? We offer wood-destroying insect inspections and reports for commercial and residential properties. 

Residential Termite Control

Are you worried about the presence of termites in your home? We’ll inspect every inch of your home to determine if you have a problem and where they are located. Then we will build a cost-effective termite treatment plan based on your needs. 

Commercial Termite Control

We work with business owners across all industries to help eliminate pests and protect your investment. Some sectors we work with include retail, restaurants, hospitality, industrial spaces, mixed-use spaces, and more. We also offer termite control for multi-family homes and apartment complexes. 

Signs of a Termite Infestation

It’s essential to remain vigilant as signs of termites can be subtle. Some signs to look out for are discolored or sagging drywall, hollow-sounding wood, pinholes in exposed wood or drywall, unexplained wood dust, chewing sounds in the walls, and damaged floorboards. If you notice any of these signs, contact us today for an inspection. 

How Our Termite Control Services in Lee County Work

Step 1: Request a Termite Inspection 

Fill out our contact form or call us today at (239) 291-2234 to schedule your appointment. 

Step 2: Eliminate Termites at the Source

Our solutions are designed to reach deep into your walls and eliminate the problem without posing a risk to your family or pests. 

Step 3: Get Peace Of Mind

Termite control is serious business. That is why if termites come back, we will too. Call or fill out our contact form today. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Professional and knowledgeable! Arrived right when he said he would and helped us to be able to enjoy our outside spaces again! Highly recommend!

Veronica Linton-Boston

Showed up when asked. Solved pest problems. His quality people skills create good customer service.

Penny Miller-Barde

Highly recommend! Great service and works with my schedule. No more bugs!!!

Brittany Scheetz

How Much Does Termite Control Cost?

We know that you are already concerned about the cost of repairing any termite damage. That is why we offer affordable rates on all our termite services, so you have one less thing to worry about. Call today for current pricing. 

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