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When it comes to pest control services, it’s essential to choose a pest control team that understands the unique needs of Lee County residents and the pests that often invade their spaces. At Florida Solutions Pest Control, we have more than 15 years of expertise and offer a pest-free solution with all our services.

We work with homeowners and business owners in North Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Sanibel, and Bonita Springs. If you are ready to live pest free, contact our exterminators in Fort Myers and beyond for a quote. 

We Can Help No Matter How Bad Your Infestation Is

Some pests, like rats, can be loud and rude house guests, making their presence known. Others are more discreet, and you might not notice a problem until there is an infestation. At Florida Solutions Pest Control, we can eliminate a single pest or an entire hoard with excellent results.


If you notice bites on your ankles or have itchy pets, you might have a flea problem. While these stubborn pests have a long life cycle and can be persistent, they aren’t nearly as persistent as our exterminators.


These tropical invaders love a good home-cooked meal and are right at home in Florida’s warm climate. We’ll make sure to trap and eliminate each one so you can reclaim your space. 

Mice & Rats 

Yes! In addition to mice and other rodents, we also exterminate rats. While many pest control companies aren’t able to offer this service, we’ll help you get these disease-carrying critters out of your home fast.  


Spiders are great when they are eating other pests, but some can be poisonous, and not everyone wants to share their home with these eight-legged arachnids. If you notice excess spider webs and other signs, we’ll be out right away to help.  

Bed Bugs

As with fleas, bed bugs also love to hide in warm places and are happy to dine on humans. We’ll help you determine what type of pest you have in your home and remove them right away. 

How It Works

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During your inspection, we will identify the type of pest in your home, as well as identify points of entry and food sources. 

Step 3: Peace of Mind

After your inspection, we’ll review your options and get to work removing these harmful critters. Contact us today to begin. 

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Professional and knowledgeable! Arrived right when he said he would and helped us to be able to enjoy our outside spaces again! Highly recommend!

Veronica Linton-Boston

Showed up when asked. Solved pest problems. His quality people skills create good customer service.

Penny Miller-Barde

Highly recommend! Great service and works with my schedule. No more bugs!!!

Brittany Scheetz

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At Florida Solutions Pest Control, we offer affordable pest control solutions with free estimates and no hidden fees. Call today for a quote. 

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